What Is Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Many homeowners are still cleaning up the messes left behind by hurricanes, wildfires and other severe weather this past summer. And we’re likely to experience more severe weather in the months to come, resulting in additional damage to homes and properties throughout the U.S. Homeowners insurance to the rescue? Maybe. But homeowners insurance policies vary, so don’t make any assumptions. […]

How To Change Your Bike’s Cassette

Remove the Rear Wheel Loosen the quick release or thru-axle and slide out the bike wheel. Residential House Cleaning Service of Louisville – Cat's Cleaning Service 2400 Stannye Court Louisville,KY,40222 (270) 823-3148 WEB: https://gmbp.in/ul/5ee2e8d21ac66 MAP: https://gmbp.in/ul/5ee2e8de22866 https://cats-cleaning-service-in-kentucky.business.site/?m=true #Louisville #HouseCleaing #Residential #Friendly Cat's Cleaning Service 2400 Stannye Court Louisville, KY 40222 Call Us Today @ 270-823-3148 We clean a residence from […]

Do Centipedes Bite?

You may have heard the case for leaving centipedes alone. If not, you’re likely among the many who pick up a shoe or recruit someone else to do the dirty work for you. Rest assured, the common house centipede found in the U.S. is rarely dangerous and even more rarely life threatening. Looking for specifics? Read on. Do Centipedes Bite? […]

Can I Have Firewood Delivered?

Do you love the convenience of having groceries, pet supplies and meals delivered straight to your door? Add firewood to the list of things you can have delivered. Questions To Ask a Firewood Delivery Service Before you “add to cart” and confirm when and where you want your firewood delivered, here are some good questions to ask. Where is the […]

6 Types of Cat Litter Boxes

Buying a Litter Box In the market for a new litter box for your cat? So many options and choices abound that it can be hard to figure out which kind to buy. Here’s a rundown of six popular litter box styles so you can determine the right one for you and your feline friend. Residential House Cleaning Service of […]

The DIY Guide to Finishing a Table Top

Follow these foolproof tips and tricks for finishing a tabletop to flawless perfection. Video: How to Sand Wood By Hand Tent the Work Area Open rafters and trusses are an endless source of falling dust. So if you’re working under an open ceiling, hang plastic sheeting above. Keep the plastic at least 12 inches from light fixtures or remove the […]

Why You Need a Waterfall Shower Head

The shower head is one of the most commonplace plumbing fixtures in a home, so it’s often overlooked. When you’re showering, it’s out of sight above your head. When not in use, it’s hidden behind a shower curtain or door. But an upgraded shower can make or break a bathroom, and a waterfall shower head — also known as a […]

11 Pictures That Will Change How You See Bugs

Damselfly in the Grass “On a beautiful summer evening in Paynesville, Minnesota, as I walked along a country road just enjoying the tall weeds, this damselfly gave me time to take pictures of bugs—such a joy! I love the shot because I’m starring eye to eye with the tiniest of creatures in the grass that most people don’t even notice […]

How To Paint Stucco

An exterior stucco finish makes a home look handsome and classy, no matter what style it is. But like all finishes, it loses its good looks with normal wear and tear. You could have it redashed (adding a layer of stucco to the existing surface), but a cheaper, easier solution is to paint it. It’s definitely in the DIY realm […]