Smokeless Fire Pit: What To Know Before You Buy

There is something innately comforting about sitting around the glow of a campfire, telling stories and sharing food with friends and family. But what isn’t comforting is catching a face full of smoke. Chances are, you’ve experienced the constant shifting in campfire seating as everyone circles the fire pit trying to find a spot that’s not plagued by a stream […]

10 Best Recessed Lights to Buy for Your Home

Buying Recessed Lights Recessed lights provide unobtrusive illumination, lighting up your living space without taking up space themselves. Because they sit outside of the perceived “room” they’re in, they help make ceilings appear taller and keep the focus on the objects they illuminate. The two main parts of a recessed light are the housing (the part behind the ceiling) and […]

8 Best Smokeless Fire Pits

How To Choose a Smokeless Fire Pit Smokeless fire pits let you enjoy a fire without shuffling around to avoid wind-blown smoke. All work on the same basic concept: Two-walled construction draws air in the bottom of the outer wall, then vents the now-heated air into the top of the fire. This natural bellows effect creates an oxygen-rich environment, producing […]

5 Best Heated Doghouses of 2022

Choosing or Creating a Heated Doghouse? For most dogs, living outside in the winter is not a good idea. But there are times when a heated doghouse can come in handy — say, to break up long periods of indoor time. “Working, ranch or sled dogs that may be far from their home, barn or kennel may also be good […]

How to Make a DIY Storage Ottoman

Cut the Box Parts First cut the front, back and sides according to the cutting list. Cut the remainder of the parts after the box is glued together. At this point, move on to cutting rabbits on the front, back and sides. Cutting Rabbit Joints If available, install a dado blade on your table saw. You can also use a […]

10 Best Pet Gates for Cats and Dogs

Choosing a Pet Gate If you want to keep your pets out of certain rooms or prevent them from escaping the yard, a good pet gate is an effective solution. Gates can soothe anxious pets by creating a cozy, manageable area where they feel safe and secure. For vulnerable puppies and kittens, a gate restricts access to hazards like stairs […]

Homeowner’s Guide to Skylights

Skylights do more than brighten a room. They let in not only light, but heat, which means less hard-earned money spent on heating fuel in the winter. Some types of skylights also allow in fresh air in the summer and reduce cooling expenses. Skylights can have such a positive impact on energy consumption that, through the end of 2022, they […]

6 Exterior Window Trim Upgrades

Add a Splash of Color Painting is a quick and easy project if you’re new to DIY. Paint your trim a bright color or something like a dark black to contrast with your home’s exterior walls. Another fun idea: Use multiple colors. Paint the parts of the trim that go over the windows one color, and the trim along the […]